This spring me and Andy Robins will be launching our new leadership programme into the world! This collaboration has been a long time coming, so I wanted to take the opportunity to tell you exactly how we got to this serendipitous moment!

Me and Andy met in Cornwall; I was somewhere between University and getting a ‘proper job’ and Andy was a business coach consulting for Unlocking Potential. I was encouraged by a friend to attend one of their Business Start-up workshops; I had been running local laughter classes and wanted to grow my little business into something bigger. Andy was a part of the Unlocking Potential team and I was thrilled to be assigned him as my mentor. From moment go he was able to get to the root of why exactly I was drawn to laughter, and began supporting me to make some of my bigger ideas a reality.

Andy’s background in Zen Leadership and embodiment practices shone through, he has a natural ability to see the potential and natural talents of everyone he meets. He encouraged me to quit my full time job managing a cafe and pursue the life and work I truly wanted.  Not only is Andy a skilled coach, constructively helping me move forwards in my business and overcome the inevitable challenges I faced, he helped me to believe in myself and see the value in my ideas.

Andy says ‘I worked with a lot of potential entrepreneurs over several years, but Katie was one of those people who stood out, she is a natural and I could see her passion.’

Since then I have traveled the UK delivering training days, workshops and interactive speeches about the benefits of laughter and play. I have worked with countless businesses and I absolutely love my job! Andy’s also had a transformational few years, he moved to Vietnam and took up the amazing role as the Asia Director for the Institute for Zen Leadership.

This collaboration is one that I can only describe as destiny. What’s so brilliant about the programme is it fuses our practices together with leadership and laughter at its heart. We can’t wait to share our knowledge and enthusiasm with senior teams and leaders across the UK! In a world full of uncertainty it’s incredibly important that we equip our leaders to fearlessly, compassionately and playfully make waves in business.

For more details contact me here or to find our more about our programme click here!