Katie studied Contemporary Applied Art, this is where she began to creatively explore themes of health, happiness and playfulness. Through her creative and written practice, she became aware of how important playfulness is to social interaction. Katie has a specific interest in how children play and how this changes in adulthood.

When she experienced her first laughter yoga workshop in 2012, she knew that laughter was one of the best methods in reuniting adults with their inner child. Now as a laughter facilitator; Katie uses laughter exercises, playful games and mindful meditation to get you feeling lighter brighter and ready for whatever life throws at you.


Katie trained with Joe Hoare in 2013, learning his unique take on Laughter Yoga which he calls Natural Laughter Skills. Since then she has been inspired by many national and international laughter practitioners including, Robert Rivest , Sebastien GendryAnnette Goodheart, Stephanie Davies, and Dr Madan Kataria who is the founder of Laughter Yoga.