With more work than time in the day, countless deadlines and challenging behaviour to manage, It’s got to be said that teaching is one of the most stressful jobs out there. So how can you prevent your staff from the inevitable ‘burn out’ and what an earth has laughter got to do with it?!

My training days have been carefully designed to give teachers the information and strategies needed to take charge of their emotional well-being. They are stuffed full of practical and effective strategies that help to harness and maintain a positive outlook. The training is highly interactive which gets your staff connecting, communicating and laughing together. This not only helps to strengthen team dynamic but also improves motivation, productivity and resilience.

And how can laughter help? Laughter has been proven to lower levels of stress related hormones in the blood, making it an instant and natural stress reliever. The training gives your team the skills needed to access laughter and ways of applying it at work or home. The great thing about the techniques are they’re not just useful in managing stress, they can also be adapted for the classroom to help manage behaviour.

All of these things make for a fun and hands on day, crammed full of useful information and practical solutions. To scan over the topics covered click here or for prices and availability get in touch!

*My full days are CPD accredited*