With the workload on teachers and pressure on students to perform, laughing can be a simple and effective way of relieving stress and contributing to a healthy and happy school.

Laughter practices can be taught directly to the children or teachers and staff can be trained to apply laughter to their lessons.


Anxiety is one of the most common mental health illnesses suffered by children, and stress is a huge contributing factor.

Laughter is a natural stress reliever, it’s fun, engaging and encourages creativity and connection. The exercises are accessible, inclusive and really easy to learn!

The laughter course has been developed to help children access laughter when they feel most stressed. The lessons are purely practical, helping them learn through play the positive impact their body can have on their brain and visa versa. The techniques teach children that they have a choice to react positively when faced with difficult and stressful situations

The workshop was perfect for year 6 in preparing them for the big leap to secondary school! Some really good ideas that they can put into practice..great fun!

YEAR 5/6 Teacher


If teachers are taught how to respond to stress with laughter they can become more physically and mentally resilient.

Learning to laugh can be added to a tool kit of coping strategies, which improves the teachers wellbeing and subsequently the students.

I offer specialised training for teachers, perfect for inset or continued professional development days. The teachers learn about the history and science behind laughter, experience a practical workshop and learn how to apply the therapeutic benefits of laughter to their classes.