Looking for a leadership day with a difference? This dynamic, informative and practical day has been specifically designed to cultivate adaptive, playful and courageous leaders.

We work with leading businesses across the UK, helping senior management teams find a balance between the incredible and the practical.

We create flexible leaders. Our carefully designed program fuses dynamic methods which help leaders to change rigid and blinkered thinking and adapt to what is required of them moment by moment.  We know that supporting leaders to move forward courageously allows them to thrive in unpredictable landscapes.

We give leaders the tools to transform. When leaders are able to reach lighter and playful states, they have the means to move creatively through problems, gain a greater perspective and harness deeper connections with their teams. Our fusion of practical tools help leaders to transform the pressure they are experiencing into boundless opportunity.

We know what holds leaders back. There is a notion that all leaders must be serious, steady and emit a persona of importance. Yet we know the problems that arise if you take yourself too seriously!  We help our clients to reframe those challenges, transforming what is holding them back and ultimately helping them to get out of their own way.

We take a practical approach. Through playful interaction, zazen meditation and other transformational practices, we create an unforgettable experience. We cultivate an enthusiasm and energy that has the capacity to radiate in work and life, giving our clients the opportunity for both personal and professional development.

We value what makes leaders unique. We use FEBI, a validated psychometric instrument that measures four energy patterns in the nervous system. This tool maps to four factors of personality, four ways of moving, and four essential modes of leadership. FEBI doesn’t confine leaders to a box, but instead teaches them to work with the body and mind together in order to play to their strengths and use the right energy at the right time.

Who are we?

This is an exciting collaboration between Katie Rose White and Andy Robins.