Do you support adults or children who struggle with anxiety? Has COVID seen anxiety levels rise in your setting? Are you finding it difficult to manage your own stress in this uneasy time?

I offer online courses, workshops and talks teaching practical and playful skills that help to reduce anxiety, banish stress and harness emotional resilience.  The workshops include a mixture of interactive games and exercises, therapeutic laughter strategies, mindful breathing practices, and embodied movement.

The exercises learnt in these sessions can be used in your setting to provide support for adults or children who may be struggling with anxiety, emotional regulation or behavioural difficulties. The exercises can also inform your own self care practices and help you to stay healthy, calm and resilient.

All of these services can be provided in person or online via zoom. For more information click here or  contact me for prices and availability.

Or to hear more about how playfulness + laughter can harness resilience listen to my conversation with Helen Clare for The Wellbeing in Education Podcast or check out my Parenta blogs.

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