“My soul tells me, we were
all broken from the same nameless
heart, and every living thing
wakes with a piece of that original
heart aching its way into blossom.
This is why we know each other
below our strangeness, why when
we fall, we lift each other, or when
in pain, we hold each other, why
when sudden with joy, we dance
together. Life is the many pieces
of that great heart loving itself
back together.”

Mark Nepo

The collective suffering from COVID19 feels heavy. Many of us have never experienced such an event in our lifetime. It’s new and unknown and there’s so much fear attached to it. The shear weight of the repercussions of this outbreak have been felt by millions of people across the globe. Yet, although there is difficulty and suffering, I believe there is strength to be found in our unity.

There is no denying that we’re in this together, that this experience is shared. We know that this will change our lives and shape our community forever, but I also believe it will make way for more compassion, kindness and connection.

In the last few weeks, we have collectively experienced a rollercoaster of emotions from anger to acceptance, grief to gratitude. Learning to be compassionate towards ourselves is crucial. Harnessing self-compassion means not beating ourselves up over small mistakes, being kind to ourselves and giving ourselves what we need throughout the day, however luxurious this may feel.

It is also important that we allow ourselves to be held, supported and comforted by those around us. Expressing and sharing our vulnerabilities fully and asking for help when we need it. Kindness and compassion will help us weather this storm.


From The Boy, The Mole, The Fox and The Horse


  • Try a loving kindness meditation. Send intentions of love and support to yourself, your neighbour, your community, your country, all of humanity.
  • Cheer for the healthcare workers – Applaud your healthcare system from your back door, window or garden. If you’re here in the UK that’s every Thursday night at 8pm.
  • Cultivate self-compassion – learn how to quieten your inner critic and be kinder to yourself.