I offer bespoke play trails for gardens, museums, galleries and public spaces. Tailored to the space and it’s clientele; I create engaging and playful installations that create opportunities for connection, laughter and sometimes absurdity!

Live Play Trails

Buzzy Bee Play Trail at Trebah Gardens

Designed for families to explore together this fun trail guarantees you a bee-autiful day and a hum-dinger of a visit that will leave your senses bee-wildered.

Come and hive a brilliant time on this trail for all ages and abilities with prizes for all!

What’s it all about?
You are now honey bees with the mission to collect the nectar from the flowers around the garden.

Each flower will provide you with the missing pieces to your picture.

There will also be an opportunity to use your senses and experience what it might feel like to be a bee!

Keep an eye out for the bonus bees, queen bee and hive, and don’t forget to wave at your fellow bee friends who will be buzzing around the garden with you!