We’ve all had to adapt to this new world, learning to work from home, juggle our responsibilities as a parent or caregiver, whilst attempting to manage our stress levels and stay healthy. Its been a very unsettling time, which inevitably has an impact on our mental and emotional wellbeing.  So how can you make sure your team is able to deal with this change and still feel resilient, motivated and connected?

I offer online workshops, talks and training days via zoom. The sessions are designed to strengthen emotional resilience, re-engage the group and playfully help individuals overcome personal and professional challenges.

My workshops are a great opportunity to energise your team, whilst equipping them with practical strategies for managing stress and improving well-being. These sessions are highly practical, incredibly playful and are guaranteed to get your team laughing! Why not book me for your next zoom meeting or work social?

If you’re looking for something less energetic, my interactive talks combine scientific evidence with practical solutions focusing on themes of stress management, the benefits of laughter and self-care advice and strategies.

Alternatively if you’d like the whole package, my CPD accredited training day may be just what your team need to reconnect with themselves and their team.

To scan over the topics covered and what to expect from all of my offerings click here or for prices and availability get in touch!