Online Training 

A Playful Approach to Anxiety

Are you a parent, teacher or caregiver wanting to find better ways to support the emotional wellbeing of your children? Are you worried about the impact that COVID may have on your child’s emotional development?

Join me for A Playful Approach to Anxiety, a workshop designed to equip you with playful strategies for supporting anxious children. Teaching you how to use playfulness, games and mindful activities to support your child’s emotional development. Whilst exploring and helping you to develop and understand your own playful presence.

Part two of the Playful Approach series, this practical workshop will help you to Understand what avoidance is and how it links to anxiety. Participants learn practical and creative tools for teaching emotional expression, desensitisation, co-regulation and healthy distraction. Helping children to playfully and safely face their fears.

In Person 

Harnessing your Playful Presence 

Whether you’re a professional seeking new ideas or a parent or carer looking for some stress relieving strategies. This practical and fun day will equip you with a range of playful approaches that support wellbeing and spark creativity.

With a gentle focus on the theme of ‘Uncertainty’, we will be exploring how connection, creativity, presence and joy can help us feel more flexible and resilient to change. We will learn how to cultivate our own ‘Playful Presence’ through practices that harness connection, transform our perspective and unearth our innate joy.

*Dates to be confirmed*

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