Today I’m taking my own advice and slowing down! So, I’m going to make this short.

Now’s the time to be gentle with yourself, to give yourself permission for rest and reflection. To allow yourself space to recalibrate and find your own inner strength. To nourish yourself in all the ways you know and trust the process.


‘Balance comes from listening to the guidance and wisdom of the inner voice’ (Deborah Adele 2009)

‘In order to develop our mind, we must look at a deeper level. Everyone seeks happiness, joyfulness, but from outside – from money, from power, from big car, from big house. Most people never pay much attention to the ultimate source of a happy life, which is inside, not outside.’ (Dalai Lama 2016)

‘If you are critical with yourself, others will feel your high expectations of themselves as well. If you are light-hearted and forgiving with yourself, others will feel the ease and joy of being with you. If you find laughter and delight in yourself, others will be healed in your presence.’  (Deborah Adele 2009)

‘Create some time for yourself and things will gradually become clear…The free of spirit have stopped trying and instead let things happen.’ (Tom Hodgkinson 2006)